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Troy Mayo’s Heating & AC in Marrero offers straightforward, easy financing options for larger purchases. Check back here soon for additional information.

Referral Rewards Program

We hope the HVAC service you have received in your Marrero area home or business from our staff will inspire you to share us with your friends and family. Troy Mayo's Heating & AC continues to grow because of the referrals of customers like you. That is why we have established the Care to Share Program - to thank you.

If you can help a friend, neighbor or family member get the help they need with our services, please share your positive experience with Troy Mayo's Heating & AC with them. We’ll honor the trust you placed in us by taking special care of anyone you refer to us. We will give both you and your referral a 15% discount off a maintenance agreement. We also offer a senior citizen and a military discount.


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Tips & FAQ

Over our years in business, Troy Mayo’s Heating & AC has received a number of frequently asked questions and gathered several helpful tips. Read on below to see the answers to just a few of them along with these energy saving tips you can use in your home.

What’s one of the easiest ways to save money on my energy bills?

Regardless of what type of heating and cooling system you have (gas, electric, or in older homes, oil), one of the best ways to save money is to properly maintain and upgrade your equipment. This includes changing the filters, ensuring your home is adequately insulated, completing air sealing, and maintaining a comfortable, but energy-efficient thermostat setting. All of this combined can add up to a savings of 30%. If you’d like to know more specifics details about maintenance, we would be happy to help.

My furnace and air conditioner sometimes turn on even when my house doesn’t feel too hot or too cold. Why is this?

If you feel that your system is running too often, you may need to adjust the temperature slightly, however, it could also be a result of where the thermostat is located. If the thermostat is placed on the wall in an area where there’s a draft, on a cold outside wall, or too close to a heating register, it will throw off the reading. Consider moving the thermostat to a central location in your home such the main hallway leading to your bedrooms. Troy Mayo’s Heating & AC can advise you on how to maximize the effectiveness of your thermostat.

Here are some tips to lower your energy costs:

  • Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter and as high as is comfortable in the summer. You can also adjust the temperature while you sleep, and turn it down when you have several guests over, as body heat can raise the temperature.
  • If you are able to control your thermostat remotely, turn it down or up a few degrees when you know you will not will be home (during the work day or over a weekend trip), and turn it back up or down about 30 minutes before you get home.
  • Clean and/or replace the filters once a month.
  • Turn off exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom 20 minutes after you are finished cooking or bathing.
  • During the winter, keep south facing window coverings open to allow sunlight in and closed at night to keep out the chill.
Long Term Tips

When it is time to replace your units, look for energy-efficient models—we can inform you on which options will work best for this purpose in your home. If you have an old wood stove, consider upgrading to an EPA certified wood or pellet stove, which burn renewable fuel that burns much cleaner.


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